About Us

Read Architects is a small practise formed and headed by Richard Read RIBA who has over 20 years’ experience designing and constructing many types of building in particular for the domestic market, housing, commercial and retail sectors.

Read Architects have been key to many projects of differing scale, each given dedication and drive. We offer a friendly, confidential and professional service committed to good, sensible and buildable designs.
We are a small practise so our overheads are low. This means we can offer very competitive quotations with work carried out by experienced architects.

We assist in developing your ideas and what you might need. For example, in some cases, for a small change we can remove the need for planning permission, and other benefits.

We can provide 3D visuals; useful for development; examine low carbon and low energy strategies which with the right choice have little impact on budgets; through to construction technical issues.

We can advise on the Governments Green Deal as it develops…